Request: Who Has a Comprehensive Stevia Variety Overview?

Many within the stevia business are aware that many companies tout about having the best stevia strain/variety. Yet we also know that it is a very in-transparent market at present. As we continually work on our own strain and keep an eye on the market developments we where wondering if perhaps we were missing something. Is there a database/overview with stevia varieties?

We have compiled our own overview through patent data, universities, collegial info exchanges etc. But are there other sources? Our total steviol glycoside ranges from 12-21%, with Reb A values ranging from 33-80% of total content. See our overview below as an example. Unfortunately we had to clear data from other parties and were only able to leave in data from Pure Circle, as this is in the public domain.



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  1. Clinton Shock


    This is a worthwhile effort.

    As far as productivity goes, it would be good to report the location, the size of the area sampled, and source of information.

    Leaf quality data is more apt to be correct, at least a some location. Shared productivity data is generally unreliable or exceedingly site specific.

    Kind regards,

    Clint, Certified Professional Horticulturalist.

    • Rogier Want Post author

      Hi Clint,

      Great to hear you like the initiative. Will work on this further and post an update! Thanks for your additions to the database!



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