Stevia 1931 is driven by entrepreneurial and forward thinking professionals with a clear vision and passion to execute. Meet some of the driving forces behind Stevia 1931!

  • Rogier Want
  • Ike Mbamali
  • Anwar X Sadat
  • Karel Want
  • Piet Poos
  • Eduardo de Goes
  • Sjoerd Sliggers
  • Tom Nyama
  • Bernard Ronoh
Managing Director & Communications (Co-founder)

Rogier H.C.M. Want has developed into a real stevia fanatic. He, together with his long term business partner, his farther Karel Want, are the co-founders at Stevia 1931. Rogier is a hands on guy and apart from his daily management activities he is always on the look out for new possibilities and opportunities that can strengthen the venture. His core values are transparency, cooperation and inclusion. Due to this Rogier is the first line of contact. For more background information on Rogier please visit his LinkedIn page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dialing +31 6 340 391 04 or dropping him a line at

Principal & Communications Ghana

Ike Mbamali is real peoples man. He benefits from an extensive and high quality network, particularly concentrated in London and Ghana. Ike is in charge of overseeing our activities in Upper West Ghana. He has extensive business experience in the region along with a long track record when it comes to dealing with land acquisition and the legalities surrounding this. Ike is familiar with the local customs, rules and regulations. He is responsible for all contacts at government level. Ike travels frequently between his London base and Ghana.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dailing +44 7966 599 604 or by dropping him a line at

Regional Executive Ghana

Anwar is successful Accra based entrepreneur who has his main focus on investment and infrastructure development in the Upper West region of Ghana. Anwar is closely linked to Stevia 1931 and fulfills various key role on the ground concerning local aspects ranging from organisational, operational and managerial responsibilities. For anything related to our farming site in Dorimon, please reach out to Anwar.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dailing +233 243 107 070 or +233 268 466 664 or by dropping him a line at

Managing Director & Coordination (Co-founder)

Karel J.A.M. Want has too caught onto the stevia virus. Karel has a long and successful track record in setting up profitable ventures. He has long run a recruitment agency aimed at the higher end of the hospitality sector. He has therefore developed a great eye for people and helped him in getting the right team on board; an essential aspect in most businesses. Due to his extensive property background, particularly by acquiring and managing hotels at his own risk an expense together with his long term business partner, he is families with how to structure, negotiate and manage ventures along with dealing with all the disasters the hospitality sector throws at you. Karel can’t sit still and is a generalist by nature and therefore naturally assumed to be managing director and in charge of coordination. More on Karel can be found on his LinkedIn page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dialing +31 6 122 344 00 or dropping him a line at

Finance & Risk

Piet J.M. Poos is a Chartered Accountant (RA) and IT Auditor (RE). After serving over ten years as a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, Piet furthered his career at SNS REAAL for an additional ten years, where he was responsible for IT Audit. At Stevia 1931 Piet is responsible for all matters related to finance and risk, along with supervising fiscal and accountancy related matters. Apart from Piet’s business activities he teaches Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control at TiasNimbas Business School. For more details on Piet please visit his LinkedIn page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dialing +31 6 14 5775 04 or dropping him a line at

Coordination Brazil

Eduardo de Goes is a well traveled missionary and long time entrepreneur. His routs stem from the ‘stevia valley’ itself in Maringa Brazil. Eduardo has extensive connections in the stevia sector in Brazil and coordinates and maintains all our relations on the ground. Presently extensive R&D activities are conducted on our behalf which are partly concentrated in Brazil. Eduardo spreads his time between Sao Paulo and Portugal.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dialing +351 966 832 875 (Portuguese) or dropping him a line at

Process Technology Analyst

Sjoerd is a chemical engineer by trade and has a broad experience within the Food and Pharma Industry. He has held various positions within multinational corporations such as DSM and Danone/Nutricia, where he has been responsible for Process Development, Production Management and various large multi-disciplinary projects within the field of processing. Within Exelenti Sjoerd is responsible for evaluating and supervising new processing technologies within the agribusiness sector, and is currently focussed on supervising a novel stevia processing technology for Stevia 1931.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by dialing +31 6 42 66 16 73 or dropping him a line at

Farm Manager

Please bear with us. Tom recently joined the team and his profile is being typed up.

Farm Manager

Bernard is a seasoned agronomist with extensive experience in agriculture and stevia cultivation. Bernard has various agricultural related diplomas and certificates and has over 17 years experience in agribusiness. Bernard is also relatively familiar with stevia due to his 6 year engagement with another company operation within that field. Bernard’s first mission is to guide to stevia trials we are due to commence in Kenya.