Tax on Sugary Foods Proposed by U.S. Panel

In an attempt to cut down on the average sugar consumption of the average American, a U.S. Panel, led by scientists helping to revamp dietary guidelines, proposed to implement a tax on sugary foods. Not only sugary foods are deemed harmful, as a reduction in the consumption of meat was also proposed.

The panel released its report as the Obama administration seeks ways to fight obesity. Obesity now affects more then than two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of youth are overweight or obese. With about half of all U.S. adults suffering from one or more preventable chronic diseases relating to poor diets and physical inactivity such as hypertension, diabetes and diet-related cancers, the government is desperate to solve this problem.

The recommendations went to the the departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services that later this year will issue guidelines used to create the government’s icon for healthy diets, currently a dinner plate that replaced the widely used food pyramid.

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