Sugar Worse Than Salt?

salt-ccAccording to Researchers from St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, and Montefiore Medical Centre in the USA the answer is yes. They base their conclusions on a selection of scientific experiments including animal studies and human research.

Their conclusion is that not salt but sugar, particularly fructose, may be the a bigger culprit in causing high blood pressure and other cardiac conditions. They further caution that lowering salt consumption beyond certain levels may actually do more harm then good.

Just as with a lot of things in life, the story is not as simple as it seems. Prof Francessco Cappuccio, at the University of Warwick comments that “The emphasis on reducing sugar and not salt is disingenuous. Both should be targeted at population level for an effective approach to cardiovascular prevention. The shift in attention from salt to sugar is scientifically unnecessary and unsupported.” Visit the BBC for more details.


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