Is Sugar The New Tobacco?

nhs-anti-smoking-campaign-ccThe story about sugar seems to get scarier by the day. Sure from a young age many of us were told that too much candy may cause our bellies to ace and our teeth to rot. Later in life many worry about their waistline, while in our 50s we worry about diabetes. Judging by the steep rise in obesity and diabetes we are right to do so!

The story certainly doesn’t get prettier as we grow up, however according to the The Huffington Post, a group of progressive medical researchers now argue that the story gets even worse. They argue that sugar acts as a toxin in our body. Consequently it may therefore not only be responsible for rising rates of diabetes and obesity, but also for increasing incidences of heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist at the University of California, published a speech on this named “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” which has already reached 2.5 million YouTube views. His argument: sugar is not necessarily ‘bad’ because it’s high in calories, but rather because it triggers a toxic chain of reactions in the body that produces harmful fats, hormones and other metabolic by-products.


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