Stevia Associations

As the stevia industry is developing so are its various associations and interest groups. Below we have listed a selection of some of the organisations we have come across.

EUSTASeustas-logo stands for the European Stevia Association. One of its founding members includes Dr. Jan M.C. Geuns, a stevia missionary who has fought for stevia approval in Europe. Our organisations experience with Dr Geuns have been pleasant. Dr Geuns is a truly inspiring and knowledgeable character, however it is important to note that he has since retired from the trade. EUSTAS seems to be holding yearly gatherings in Bonn Germany. The downside seems to be that at the time of writing their website offers little resources, except for the following report on the challenges in Culture in Field Conditions (from a South American Point of View) we came across.

global-stevia-insitute-logo-fair-useSome organisations seem to be striving for world domination as far as their names are concerned. This one is called the Global Stevia Institute and is supported by Pure Circle. Their website hosts some interesting resources such as an insightful info-graphic on stevia and a map of areas in the world where stevia is currently approved. While all stevia associations are likely to look at stevia favorable, some of the content such as the videos take it to a whole new level.

international-stevia-council-logo-fair-useThe name sounds authoritative and that is what they preach on their front page too. There member list doesn’t disappoint either as it boasts big names such as Cargill and Pure Cirle. Unfortunately though upon reviewing their website there seem no resources and their last news post dated from over 7 months ago.


Then there is the World Stevia Organistaion WSO. They seem to host a yearly event during the summer in Berlin and have hosted 6 so far. Looking at the make up of the committee it seems to be a predominantly German based group. They offer paid memberships and issue awards. We have no experience with the organisation to date.


There is a lot noise coming from India about stevia so it is not surprising to see a stevia association popping up here. The India Stevia Association seems to organise the Stevia Global Summit yearly in July. They boast an impressive list of attendees. The Stevia Global Forum website seems to host some interesting resources however the layout may prohibit effective use.

Did we miss any? Drop us your suggestions in the comment box below and will review it.



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  1. Assayag


    Merci pour l’information.

    Je réside au Maroc et j’y travaille à développer la culture de stevia.
    Je souhaiterai adhérer à ces associations et avoir des échanges en vue de réussir ce challenge au Maroc qui compte de fortes populations glycémiques ou en surpoids.

    Bien cordialement à vous.

    • Rogier Want Post author

      Dear Assayag,

      I’m glad you find the information helpful. Coincidentally we were approached by a party looking to explore a potential partnership for stevia cultivation in Morocco. In that light I have also received some information about stevia in Morocco, including from the Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime. Anyway perhaps we should exchange emails? If you can email me and give a bit more background info on your activities then perhaps I can also bring you two in touch.

      Google Translate:

      Cher Assayag,

      Je suis content que vous trouverez l’information utile. Par coïncidence, nous avons été approchés par un parti qui cherchent à explorer un partenariat potentiel pour la culture de la stevia au Maroc. Dans cette lumière, je l’ai également reçu des informations sur la stevia au Maroc, y compris du ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime. Quoi qu’il en soit peut-être que nous devrions échanger des e-mails? Si vous pouvez me contacter et donner un peu plus d’infos de base sur vos activités alors peut-être je peux aussi vous apporter deux en contact.


    Hi, this is Rohit from India, i would like to know details of this crop and tree structure of business opportunity. I have sufficient space to cultivate and in proper manner. Please give your valuable response.



  3. Prabh Virk

    We are open to everyone who can share their good and bad experience about Stevia farming.
    Mr Clint is always happy to assist with problems coming during farming.
    Rogier howz farming in Ghana….
    Good luck

    Prabh Virk
    OBC Ltd

    • Rogier Want Post author

      Hi Prabh,

      Yes Clint is a great guy! Ghana is going very well. We have found a great multipurpose site incl all possible amenities. We are due to develop this into an agricultural business park. Apart from Stevia we can therefore also allow other farmers to partake into a turn key farming project.


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