Stevia: The 10 Incredible Benefits!

  • 1. Stevia is a safe, natural and calorie free!
  • 2. Stevia actually combats diabetis
  • 3. Stevia helps with weight loss
  • 4. Stevia has healing properties!
  • 5. Stevia is full on nutrients!
  • 6. Stevia is a Powerful Antioxidant
  • 7. Stevia Controls Blood Sugar
  • 8. Stevia Can Fight Osteoporosis
  • 9. Stevia Can Help Prevent Heartburn And Indigestion
  • 10. Stevia Is Good For Gingivitis – Amazing Benefits of Stevia
Stevia is a safe, natural, calorie and carbohydrate free sweetener. It is up to 300 times sweeter then regular table top sugar. Stevia has none of the potential negative side effects associated with sugar consumption, such as weight gain/obesity, type II diabetes, and tooth decay. This incredible gift from nature is only becoming mainstream in the US and EU now is because of delayed approval. It has been used for centuries in Paraguay and Brazil, and for over 40 years in Japan. 
Substituting sugar with stevia does not only reduce your chances of getting diabetes (type II) because it has no calories or effect on blood sugar in a negative way, it actually fights it too because of its capacity to secrete insulin. This is caused by the steviosides which are known to help the production and release of insulin in our bodies. It also inhibits the craving for sugary and fatty foods! For these reasons stevia provides a perfect alternative for diabetics! 
Stevia is not only calorie free, it also reduced the craving for sweet and fatty foods! Losing weight without having to lose the sweet-tooth! 
Stevia has healing properties and the leaves can be used on cuts and wounds to alleviate pain and provide faster healing of skin tissue. Stevia can also be used to rejuvenated skin. A natural facial masks can improve skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.
Stevia is not only calorie and carb free, it is actually rich in minerals and vitamins like zinc, magnesium, sodium and calcium, nutrients that are essential for a healthy life. 
Stevia contains various sterols and antioxidants like flavonoids, triterpenes and tannins. It is also a rich source of flavonoid polyphenolic anti-oxidant phyto-chemicals like kaempferol, chlorogenic acid, quercetin caffeic acid and isoquercitrin. These compounds are useful in fighting the free radicals in our body which are one of the causes of various forms of cancer and other diseases. 
Stevia contains chlorogenic acid which lowers conversion of glycogen to glucose by enzymes and it helps lower the absorption of glucose into the digestive tract. This actually helps regulating the blood sugar levels in our body. 
A study performed on chickens showed that adding stevia leaf powder to chicken food can increased calcium metabolism which means that stevia can promote absorption of calcium in the body and can improve bone density. 
Another one of the amazing benefits of stevia is that it can be used to soothe an upset stomach, heartburns and improve indigestion and gastrointestinal function. You can drink stevia tea after every meal to relieve stomach pain. 
The antibacterial properties of stevia can help with dental conditions like gingivitis, tooth cavities and mouth sores. It can help prevent the development of infectious organism in the gums and teeth and can inhibit the growth of plaque. You can use stevia as a mouth wash to decrease the risks of gingivitis and other mouth infections. You can add 2 drops of stevia extract to your regular toothpaste and see the results. 


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