Sjoerd Sliggers Joins the Team as Process Technology Analyst

mit-tour-02-editWe welcome Sjoerd Sliggers to the team, who has joined us as Process Technology Analyst. Sjoerd is a Chemical Engineer by trade and has a broad experience within the Food and Pharma Industry. He has held various positions with companies such as DSM and Danone/Nutricia.

Sjoerd is currently focussed on supervising the testing process of a novel stevia processing technology. The final tests are commencing next week and will take around 3 months. Of course we will post further updates. For further details on Sjoerd please check the team section.


2 Replies to “Sjoerd Sliggers Joins the Team as Process Technology Analyst”

  1. Dr Dilip Jadhao

    Dear sir/ team,

    I am Dr Dilip Jadhao, my area of intrest is Rebaudioside purification. I have more than 4 years experience in R and D of Rebaudioside A purification which mainly includes adsorption resins, ultrafiltriation and nanofiltration, HPLC method development. I have also experience in scale up of pilot project.
    Six month i was in latin america for the same project.

    Presently i am in india and looking for better appoetunity where i can stay with may family.

    I would be happy to join your team.

    Dr Dilio


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