At Stevia 1931 we are working on various stevia related projects, some which we have listed below. Our core focus is on stevia cultivation and extraction. The sum-up below is intended to provide an impression only. For further details/the latest updates please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    In Ghana we are working on a large scale stevia cultivation project. Since our visit in February 2o15, we are working hard to solve all the challenges related to growing stevia within the region. In 2017 we will roll out the trials towards commercial scale operations. Our operation will feature an out-grower scheme with small family farmers in various regions throughout Ghana. By mid 2017, once we have proven the viability of the crop in the relevant regions, we will be ready to facilitate small family farmers with plant material, guidance and a buy back guarantee.  

    There is a lot going on within the world of stevia extraction technologies. In partnership with Green Sugar and the Dutch Enterprise Agency we have successfully commenced testing of an innovative, mild extraction technique. Visit this page for more information on this.