Indian Government Asks Pepsi to Cut Down the Sugar

pepsico-logo-fair-useIt appears that also non-western economies are suffering from the burden of sugar over-consumption. According to the Hindustan Times the Indian government has asked PepsiCo to cut down on sugar in their soda’s in an attempt to curb the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic.

While under-nutrition still remains an issue in India today, the ever expanding middle class families are increasingly enjoying fast food and soft drinks. While the Hindustan Times seems to point the finger at these factors, it is interesting to note that in the USA two-thirds of sugar intake is actually consumed at home, through store bought groceries.

While soda consumption (in comparison) is relatively low in India, the government seems keen to tackle the problem head on. PepsiCo already uses stevia in some of their soft drinks in Europe and Asia but can’t do so in India as yet. This because stevia is presently not permitted for consumption in India.



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