Harvesting Stevia

After a lot of hard work the moment for harvesting is finally there. Traditionally the leaves are harvested by hand, something you still find often being done today. As can be seen from the video below specialized machinery has since been developed. After harvest the leaves are often dried. One can decide to sell the leaves whole or as a crushed green substance. New refinery technologies allow for fresh leaf refinement allowing you to skip the drying process.

  • How Many Harvests?
  • Timing and Technique
Stevia can be harvested up to 4 times per year. The actual amount of harvests are especially dependent on the climate but cultural practices will also play a role. 
The stevia plant (in warmer climates) is harvested three to four times a year. Optimum yield (biomass), and stevioside quality and quantity are best just prior to flowering. Specialized harvesters are recommended to mechanize the harvesting process. There are various provides of such machinery, such as Oxbo.