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  • Do You Sell Stevia Seeds/Plant Material?
  • How Do You Go About Propagation?
  • Will Your Strains Grow Anywhere?
  • Do You Buy Harvests From Small Farmers?
  • Do You Provide Training to Other Farmers?
Yes we do, however generally we only share plant material in close partnership. We don’t grow from seed but use cuttings from mother plants. We have been granted use of a selection of advanced and proprietary stevia plant material, which is bound to strict usage rights. Any sharing of plant material will therefore be subject to a licencing agreement.
You will need a greenhouse and a misthouse. The rate at which you can produce plants is dependent on various variables, including your starting base, the average cuttings per plant and whether you allow for exponential growth or use part of the baby plants to go into the field. From our varieties we can harvest about 10 cuttings per plant. The plants need about 3 months to mature before they can be used as mother plants. The pace in which you can upscale is therefore highly dependent on your starting base. Each hectare needs about 80.000 plants. If you start with 1000 mother plants today, you will have 10,000 in 3 months time. If you repeat the process, you will have 100.000 plants in 6 months time. 
Stevia is generally not very demanding and can be relatively easily cultivated. It certainly cannot stand frost however, but other than that the challenges are manageable. Since breeding programs are generally still in their infancy, and as local circumstances vary, the success of each strains is dependant thereof. No one is able to give guarantees, however based upon general climate and soil data one can make a fairly good assessment of the strains potential in any given region. Do check out our Cultivating Stevia section for more insights on this. 
Yes we do. We currently run various small family farmer schemes and are interested to partner with other farmers too.
We do not provide specific training courses for farmers looking to get involved in stevia farming. We are cooperative by nature though, which means that we are usually happy to collaborate and bounce of ideas with a variety of parties. We too offer various internships and people are always welcome to visit our farm.




Do You Purchase Stevia Extracts for Resale?”] No we do not. All our stevia extracts come from our own farm. “Do You Purchase Stevia Extracts for Resale?”