Artificial Sweeteners and Stevia: The Solution for The Obesity Problem?

Did you know that according to the WHO over 1 billion adults are overweight? It is obvious to most that something needs to be done in order to curb the obesity and diabetes epidemic. Artificial sweeteners seemed to hold part of the answer, however, suspicion over its potentially carcinogenic effect has resulted in a wave of negative press coverage. Will naturally sourced stevia provide part of the solution? The research seems to think so. Some excerpts:

”Both rebaudioside A and stevioside are completely converted into steviol by bacterial intestinal flora. Stevioside and rebaudioside A do not alter energy intake and bodyweight in rats and humans. Stevioside reduces the postprandial blood glucose and fasting glucose levels in obese and non-obese, type 2 diabetic rats. The postprandial glucose levels are lowered in lean and obese humans after consumption of a preload containing stevioside. Stevioside decreased the blood pressure in non-obese, obese, type 2 diabetic and hypertensive rats, as well as in hypertensive humans.”

”Both glycosides do also not affect body weight in type 2 diabetic, obese or normal rats, and rebaudioside A does not affect body weight in type 2 diabetic men and women. Thus it seems to be that steviol glycosides do not have an effect on the energy balance.”

Download the report and review this research for yourself.


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