60 Days on Sugar


After FedUp the movie we have a new ‘sugar sweet’ movie coming up: That Sugar Film. News.com.au reported that filmmaker and TV actor Damon Gameau vows to follow a strict diet of ”healthy”, low-fat food with high sugar content. It seems he is stepping in the footsteps of Morgan Spurloc, who in 2005 scored a major hit with the film Super Size Me were he documented his 60 day McDonald’s diet.

Gameau told Yahoo: ”I had no soft drink, chocolate, ice cream or confectionery,”. He continues ”All the sugars that I was eating were found in perceived healthy foods, so low-fat yogurts, and muesli bars, and cereals, and fruit juices, sports drinks (…) these kind of things that often parents would give their kids thinking they’re doing the right thing.”

According to News.com.au Gameau ended up consuming about 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, comparable to what the average teenager consumes today. After three weeks he became moody and sluggish and just like Morgan Spurloc, Damon Gameau visited the doctor. The news wasen’t much better as he gave him a shocking diagnosis: He was beginning to develop fatty liver disease, of which potential liver failure could be its severest outcome according to  Mayo Clinic.

With That Sugar Film Gameau tries to raise awareness, especially for parents, not to be deceived by foods that claim to be healthy. The movie is due to be released in Australia on Feburary 2015. No dates have been set yet for either a EU or US release.



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